Western Arctic Claim Inuvialuit Final Agreement

3.65 Given that the Inuvialuit Final Agreement is protected in a certain context, it is important that the Government of Canada define and maintain a strategic approach focused on fulfilling its obligations under the agreement. This is important not only for Canada`s relationship with the Inuvialuit, but also for the government`s credibility in negotiating future land agreements. We note that since the agreement came into force in 1984, Canada has signed 18 other land agreements. When the agreement was signed, the Government of India and Northern Canada (INAC) entrusted the responsibility of coordinating its implementation. To this end, INAC is committed to ensuring that Canada meets its commitments and that, in LEAC, the activities of federal organizations, including its own, are monitored and reported. (7) (5) Inuvialuit enjoys a total of 35,000 square miles of land, increased or decreased by a margin of error of 1%. If the final ground survey exceeds 35,350 square miles, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation or The Inuvialuit Land Corporation immediately transfer to Canada an area corresponding to the surplus in paragraph 1, point b). 3.37 Inuvial contract information. We wanted to see to what extent public works informed the Inuvialuit of future contracts for the region. We found that the department, although it tracks contracts that are generally subject to land rights, it does not have systematic means – automated or otherwise – to identify the specific agreements to which each contract is subject. CONSIDERING that, taking into account the rights and benefits it presents, the agreement also provides for the transfer, on and about, of all their national claims, rights, titles and interests, regardless of their territory; 3.44 Control of contractual obligations. Indeed, as part of our audit (INAC, Public Works, Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada), the five federal organizations pointed out to us that they do not have systematic means to continue their contractual activities in relation to notifications and contracts relating to the region. As a result, they are unable to ensure that they meet their obligations under the agreement.

Officials from the Ministry of Finance secretariat informed us that they have launched an initiative to improve monitoring and reporting on contractual obligations under comprehensive land agreements. In addition, the five audited departments will take this recommendation into full account during the review and, if necessary, when reviewing current systems and procedures for contracting in the Inuvialuit that are not the subject of a public tender, and, if necessary, will improve it when they are able to provide goods and services on an appropriate basis. Work on federal procurement procedures, which include provisions for awarding contracts in national parks, is already underway and is designed to collect the same information for other comprehensive land recovery agreements.