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Project Description



Growing up on a farm in the Pacific Northwest allowed very little money for art supplies. When Carren was given a small set of oil paints she quickly ran out of canvas to paint. She discovered a stash of old roll up window shades in a closet. When she realized she could use these for oil paints it was the beginning of her art career. Now, Carren no longer has to use old window shades but it never hurts to remember where she started from.

Hanauma Bay from Koko Head

Hanauma Bay from Koko Head 10×20

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch 16×20

Kuliouou Valley

Kuliouou Valley 16×20

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind 10×20

Coming Home

Coming Home 18×24

Kaiiwi Surf

Kaiiwi Surf 11×14

Sunset Picnic

Sunset Picnic 16×20

Peacock Flats

Peacock Flats 11×14

The Old Woodpile

The Old Woodpile 16×20

Pink Plumeria

Pink Plumeria 11×14

Sepia Plumeria

Sepia Plumeria 11×14


Sunflowers 18×24

White Orchid

White Orchid 8×10

Russian Flowers

Russian Flowers 12×12

Through the Woods

Through the Woods

The Pond

The Pond 8×10